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  • Mooney M20J - fast and long flying


The Company "Avio Baltica" Ltd

Offers you one of the most popular aircrafts for travelling and training.

„Avio Baltica“ owns an M20J model airplane equipped with a 200 HP piston single engine IO-360-A3B6D. This aircraft is ideal for long private flights.


Cessna 172N

Cessna 172N Skyhawk II - is a light single engine multipurpose aircraft developed by the American company Cessna Aircraft.

Avio Baltica offers everyone, who is interested, to rent a 4-seat airplane Cessna 172N. This type of aircraft is ideal for long distance flights. Its total weight-lifting capacity of 500 kg allows you to easily deliver small cargo and to carry up to 3 passengers on long and short distances in the shortest time span.


Cessna 150

SIA "Avio Baltica" Ltd actively uses different types of Cessna aircraft due to their high-quality performance and good construction. The Cessna 150M airplane is well suited for beginners and short flights. Do you want to go fishing in another city or to enjoy a picturesque place? These plans can be easily fulfilled with a 2-seat Cessna 150M aircraft. Also it's very cheap for hours building and training!


Pitts S-2B

Pitts S-2B is an American aerobatic biplane created in 1942 by an amateur engineer Curtis Pitts. So far this aircraft is still a unique aerobatic training plane. The aircraft has a 260 HP six-cylinder engine Textron Lycoming AEIO-540. Pitts S-2B is very well suited for teaching aerobatic flying. Usually students acquire the programme much faster when they pilot a Pitts S-2B, because the aircraft has many advantages when compared to other aerobatic aircraft.