• Hours Building

From 0 to ATPL

The programme focuses on education and training of civilian aviation commercial airline pilots. After passing all theoretical and practical examination the candidate receives a commercial pilot license (CPL/IR + ATPL(f)). The received licenses comply with all European requirements for employment in the airline as a co-pilot and further receiving the captain position.
If You have ATPL(f) license, You can work as a co-pilot (First Officer) on the commercial aircraft (with minimum two people crew) as well as serve as a captain of the airplane which requires only one pilot. Upon gaining a minimum of 1500 hours of flight experience you can become an aircraft captain.

Course entry requirements:
  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • First class medical certificate;
  • Sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics;
  • English language knowledge.
Ground training:
  • Air law and ATC procedures;
  • Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipment;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Mass and balance;
  • Performance;
  • Flight planning & monitoring;
  • Human performance & limitations;
  • Meteorology;
  • General navigation;
  • Radio navigation;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Principles of flight;
  • VRF Communications;
  • IFR Communications.
1. Private Pilot Licence PPL(A);
2. Night rating NVFR, beginning of ATPL theory;
3. Hours Building;
4. SEP Instrument rating;
5. Commercial pilot licence CPL;
6. Multi engine piston qualification MEP;
7. multi engine instrument rating MEP(IR).

At the end of the course, each pilot will have 200 hours of flight experience out of which 100 as Pilot in Command [PiC] and 25 simulator hours.
Price/ Euro
Licence PPL(A) flight with С150 (45 Off-block time)
€ 6 998
Night rating NVFR flights with C172N (5 Off-block time)
€ 975
ATPL theory and training materials
€ 1 620
Hours Building on С150 (75 hours)
€ 8 100
Instrument training 50 hours SEP (IR)
on simulator FNTPII and
€ 7 200
CPL - Commercial pilot training
on cessna С150 (10 hours) and Mooney M20J (7 hours)
€ 2 760
Multi Engine Piston rating - MEP + MEP(IR) (11 hours)
€ 4 450
Total 203 flying hours:
*from € 32 103

Instrument rating and multi-engine rating we provide together with our partners in Lithuania.
We do not limit you in your choice of the school where to pass ATPL theory: you can choose any other school, it is up to. For example many students want to complete theoretical training in Oxford Aviation Academy. Only taking into account that they have higher prices for theoretical courses.
*If you choose other airplanes for hours building flights or IR rating, the price will be higher.

You might not be able to completely understand all the stages and sequence of the course yet – do not hesitate, contact us by the phone or via e-mail. Our personnel will be glad to answer your questions.

The following is included in the price of the course:
  • Theoretical course and learning material;
  • Access to online question bank of EASA/ JAA questions;
  • Consultations on the PPL and ATPL, with the ground instructor in English languages;
  • Individual training with flying instructor before and after the flight;
  • Airplane (including fuel);
  • All navigation and airport fees of the base airport.