• Night course

Night VFR

NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules) qualification entitles to perform flights during night time. Student must complete a programme which includes 5 hours of flying during night time with instructor, 1 hour of en-route flight and at least 5 solo landings. Night flight rating is compulsory for future commercial pilots to begin the IR (instrument rating) programme.

Course entry requirements:
Price / Euro
Cessna 172N (5 h off-block time)
€ 725
Lighting system (1 hour)
€ 92
Flight Instructor (5 h)
€ 125
Student care support
€ 33
€ 975

NVFR qualifications can be reciev in 2-4 days, its depends on the weather conditions.

The following is included in the price of the course:
  • Individual theoretical training;
  • Airplane (including fuel);
  • All navigation and airport fees of the base airport.