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Private Pilot

EASA PPL(A) license entitles to perform solo flights in clear visibility conditions (Visual Flight Rules (VFR)) on a single engine aircraft with aggregate weight under 5500 kg. Private pilot can carry passengers on condition that he/she does it free of charge (not for business operations). However it is not forbidden to share the expenses on fuel and technical maintenance of the aircraft among pilot and passengers.
Upon compliance of additional requirements the pilot can be awarded with instrument rating (IFR), which allows to perform flights in limited visibility conditions.

Course entry requirements:
  • Minimum age of 16 years;
  • Second class medical certificate;
  • English language knowledge.
Ground Training:
  • Air Law;
  • Aircraft General Knowledge;
  • Human Performance and Limitations;
  • Navigation;
  • Flight Performance and Planning;
  • Communication;
  • Principles of Flight;
  • Meteorology;
  • Operational Procedures.
Practical Training
Private Pilot Licence – PPL(A)
Basic maneuvers, "touch and go", failure, etc.
20 h
5 h
Navigation cross-country flights
10 h
5 h
Instrumental flights
5 h
Total - 45 h
35 h
10 h
100% prepayment
Modular payment
Cessna 150 (45h Off-block time)
€ 6 998
€ 7 743
Cessna 172N (45h Off-block time)
€ 8 268
€ 9 183
*Combinated course C150 + C172N (45h Off block time)
€ 7 325
€ 8 109

According to rules of the European Union student’s flight time (Off-Block time), which is registered in pilot logbook counts from the start of the motion of the aircraft until complete stop of the aircraft. All technical work of the aircraft is performed at apparent time i.e. from engine ignition to cut-off. In practice in order for student to have 45 hours of Off-Block time an airplane has to be working for 48 hours.

*After the student finishes the combined course he/she gets admission to two most popular aircrafts in the world – twin-seater Cessna 150 and four-seater Cessna 172.

The following is included in the price of the course:
  • Theoretical course and learning material;
  • Access to online data base of EASA/ JAA questions EASA/ JAA;
  • 27 hours of teacher consultation in English;
  • Individual training with flying instructor before and after the flight;
  • Airplane (including fuel);
  • All navigation and airport fees of the base airport.